Or, as Katan is probably thinking, "Cockatiel torture device!"

I want to make a little play center/huge toy thing for Katan. However, I seem to have sort of a writer's block concerning ideas, and I'm unsure if my available supples are totally safe.

So, first order of business - I want to run down my list of supplies to make sure that they won't harm my little Katan.

I have the following:

2 wide planks of "wood". This wood is used to make cheap book shelves that you buy at Target, meaning that it's made of wood chips/shavings and glue. I can clean them off. I was thinking that they'd make a sturdy base.

A reel of 24 Guage Tin Copper wire.

Some bits and pieces of black leather chord.

A reel of black leather suede.

Some "fun fur" yarn. It's polyester.

Clean and decontaminated sticks. Some of them are pine sticks, and the other are from... trees. I don't know what kind of trees they were. We were out in the park.

I have old cotton shirts that I can rip up, for fabric.

7 1/4" x 2 12/16 " x 1/4" Wooden slats

I have thinner wooden slats, too. Not sure of the dimensions.

Phonebooks =D

If you guys could please look over these items and let me know what is safe to use, and what I should keep away from Katan, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Edit: I also have various cardboard boxes, and I have a net-type thing that I've gotten from Ikea. It's made of a plastic-fabric. Probably polyester, or something similar.