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Thread: Weird feather color

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    Weird feather color

    Hi all--

    While playing with Cayenne (sun conure) the other day, I noticed that the tips of his dark blue flight feathers ( just the real long one on each wing) have changed colors. Instead of the tips being the dark blue, they are yellow/white for about a half an inch up.

    I know that Cayenne's diet is fine---he has Caribbean South mix by Goldenfeast, fresh fruits/veggies, cooked foods, and either Roudybush or Goldenfeast pellets, plus birdie bread with veggies/pellets in it.

    Cayenne will be 1 year old on Dec. 24. He has not had a heavy molt yet, and is starting to lose the clipped wing feathers that were originally trimmed by the breeder before he came home. I know he is molting wing feathers at this time.

    Could this color change on just those two flight feathers have something to do with the molting process, or do I need to get Cayenne to the vet? I don't want to put him through a blood draw if it isn't necessary, or if it could be a molting issue. His droppings are fine and he is eating well.

    Would appreciate any advice from people more experienced than me!


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    Re: Weird feather color

    It's normal and it's probably genetic. Both my birds get the white feather onthe flights sometimes. I asked my breeder about it, and said that it was a genetic thing.
    Yours Truely, Emily

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