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Thread: Do you think your budgie might be SICK? Signs of Illness...

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    Do you think your budgie might be SICK? Signs of Illness...

    If you think your budgie might be SICK, or if he/she is showing ANY signs of sickness, please TAKE YOUR BIRD(S) TO AN AVIAN VET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Please keep in mind that many times budgies will hide signs of sickness until the very last minute.

    If they are already showing signs of sickness, that means that things are already pretty bad. Once a bird starts showing signs of illness, every minute literally counts.

    If you have even the slightest feeling that your bird may be sick, please take him/her to an avian vet as soon as possible.

    Here is a link to an excellent article from the Birds n' Ways website on signs of illness in your pet bird:

    Thank you for reading.

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    Re: Do you think your budgie might be SICK? Signs of Illness...

    I think the average pet owner at home with a new budgie or budgies should consider an Avian Vet right away when they see their bird/s is ill. Reading allot of the previous posts I see people who have obviously had some experience around budgies & thats all fine & dandy ... but to the new owner ? Don't risk your pets life. GO TO A VET ! An Experienced Certified Avian Vet. Don't take advice of how to eye drop or syringe things into your bird. You could do it wrong & choke & kill the budgie. Go to someone who is professional & knows what they are doing. You bought it with the hope of caring & loving & respecting this animal, any animal. You need to do whats best for the bird. Don't try anything at home other then warmth & quiet in the cage until you can get to the people who know what to do to help your pet bird survive !
    Nick Nack

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