My father's budgie Cloud, died on December 30th at the age of 10.

I feel somewhat angry with my father though. Apparently Cloud had not seemed well since Christmas but he did not take him to the vet. I suspect that the vet was away for the holidays, but I still think he should have went to the emergency one.. even if they could not help.

Cloud was a bit of a gruff little guy. He refused to become handtrained apart from stepping up. He was a bit of a trickster, he liked to fly over your head, just skimming the surface to scare you when you weren't paying attention. He really loved to eat watermelon and carrot sticks.

In the past few years, I had not seen Cloud often, but I still feel saddened by his passing, as are my father and sister. We'll miss you Cloud, thank you for being our friend for so many years. Rest in Peace <3