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Thread: Hidden Dangers for your babies

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    Erik Johnson
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    Hidden Dangers for your babies

    I found a new danger for my budgies last night.

    I have one of the mid-priced electric pianos in my house. Over the speakers, it has a fine metal 'mesh' with round holes about 1.5 millimeters across. Fluffy, who is finally getting some lift from her wings, came out into the living room for an exploration.

    She landed on the piano. I didn't think anything of it, and went
    back to what I had been doing. A moment later, I heard a scratching, thumping coming from the corner of the room. Fluffy had managed to get two of her toes caught in the grill over the speakers!
    Fortunately, it was her claws, not her actual toes, because the metal edge is sharp. But she had gotten them stuck at wierd angles, ones where she couldn't get her toes free. And in her thrashing, she wrenched them both pretty badly. It took Teresa and I a good 5 minutes working together to get her free.

    Fortunately, her toes weren't broken, but her foot was plenty sore.

    Neither of us had considered the piano a 'danger' before. We'll be keeping it covered from now on. And we've begun checking all our stuff for hidden dangers like this.

    Do you have any hidden dangers for your babies?


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    Re: Hidden Dangers for your babies

    We have floor grates that our heat come out of. I didn't realize a foot could get caught in those while they are walking on the floor. So I have to watch that during the winter months.

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    Ashley Kun
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    Re: Hidden Dangers for your babies

    Once i let my budgies out to fly around but one of my budgies just sat on top of the cage. He was walking around on top of the cage and suddenly he started screaming his head off cuz his foot was stuck between the 2 bars He isn't tamed but i tried to get his foot out anyways!! it took quite a while but he was okay

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