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Thread: Egg Binding Complications

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    Egg Binding Complications


    My Blue and Gold Macaw, Sam who is 20 years old, has had a few complications from Egg Binding. It all started back in October when she was egg bound. I brought her to my Avian Vet who gave her a shot to induce contractions but that didn't work so she collasped the egg and Sam laid it on 10/30/07. We had her on Meloxican, Clindacur, Fortaz ( shots) and Flagl. Nothing seemed to be working. The white cell count was high and her abdomen was starting to fill up last week with liquid. I brought her to the Veterinary Hospital out here and through a Battery of tests they found out it wasn't yolk coelmitis. They took an Ultrasound and found a mass which they aspirated, seems Sam has a very rare condition in parrots called Oophoritis and Salpingitis. That is and infection/inflammation of ovarian follicles and infection/inflammation of ovidut/uterus. The treament is not straight forward. She was put on Fortaz (shots) 2 x's daily for 3 weeks and meloxicam 2 x's daily for 3 weeks. I will bring her back in February to see if the infection has cleared up any, if not then she will require surgery.
    Has anyone ever heard of this condition and do you know the survival rates?
    I love her so much I can't imagine life without her...


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    Re: Egg Binding Complications

    Welcome to TF Rosie. I am so sorry to hear about your Blue and Gold Macaw. I have never heard of this, so I cannot give you an info, but I really hope the treatments work and your little girl is back to normal soon! Please keep us updated on her condition, we all worry here about things like this!
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    Re: Egg Binding Complications

    Sorry, I have no help to offer either. Only support. Poor Sam, and poor you.

    I hope everything works out well for Sam in the end. You'll be in my prayers.
    Mary, Cosmo, Kaylaur, Perry & Tyler, and Spaz (temporary foster). And we can't forget the furry kids Pepper & Chewy!

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