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Thread: Hawkhead parrots (Loki)

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    Hawkhead parrots (Loki)

    I noticed a user describing their bird as a Hawkhead parrot, which I had never heard of. I have done a lot of reading about parrots, but have NEVER even heard of one until today! They are STUNNING! I would like to ask the user about her bird, Loki, and what her personality is like, what it's like to own one. I have three tiels and two budgies, but my fiance and I want a larger parrot someday. This is one of the prettiest birds I've ever seen! To anyone who owns a Hawkhead or has info about them, I would appreciate you sharing that with me.

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    Re: Hawkhead parrots (Loki)

    Peachee is definitely the one to ask.

    But just because I'm here, I'll tell you what I've noticed.

    Hawks tend to go through a phase at about 6 mo- 1yr where they become afraid of their handler or hand feeder. I've heard that this is because in the wild they are kicked from the nest by the mother bird at this age. I have met some hawks who talk and some who don't, some who like everybody and one who HATES the whole human race with a fiery passion. This bird will eye you from across the room, fly over and go straight for your eyes or the throat. It's absolutely incredible. But this is by no means whatsoever the norm. (I hope I didn't scare you with that little story. I honestly didn't mean to). They're very smart and need a lot to do. From what I've seen, they're the type of bird that only wants to be petted on THEIR terms and when THEY'RE ready. To me, having a hawk is a lot like having an amazon.

    But I have never personally owned one. I know 3 friends who have them and each one loves their bird to death. The species just isn't my cup of tea I guess.

    Absolutely beautiful plumage though. Wait till Loki's mom comes along. I'm sure she'll sing their praises like the species deserves. But at least with my comments mixed in you'll have a little of the bad side and lots of the good side from Peachee.

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    Re: Hawkhead parrots (Loki)

    If you do a thread search for "Loki," Im sure you'll find a lot of info and pictures.

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    Re: Hawkhead parrots (Loki)

    I'm sure Lisa will be along at some point to tell you about Loki...both the good and the bad...and there won't be much that is "bad"...Personally, I have liked every Hawkhead I have met. I have had the pleasure of personally handling 3 or 4 different Hawkhead's, including Loki and all of them have been wonderful. This includes both males and females...ok...only 1 of them happened to be male...and as it turned out, he was Loki's brother. His name was Spike and he was terrific. The upshot...all my experiences with Hawkheads have been good ones...

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    Re: Hawkhead parrots (Loki)


    One of the best HH articles I have read in terms of pet potential. It's Loki to a tee. Well, how she acts as my pet on a daily basis. Things like allowing me to do anything and yet being wary (not aggressive) of new people; just being happy watching the things i do; being a great bird all around. Give it a read. I think it is a very insightful and well written article.

    I do like the demystify HHs as they seem to have a bad reputation. My personal belief is that because of their rarity, the wrong people (those with money and nothing else) were able to purchase them as a token item and make broad statements regarding the species. I would hardly call the HHs I have met as aggressive. They have a particular HH trait where they hang upside own and lunge and you, hissing with the crest flared out (one day I will get a video...) and it looks incredibly menacing but they are playing. They don't bite they just lunge and retract. Things like this action give those who don't know their behaviour grounds to call them "aggressive" apparently... What do they know? haha

    I have yet to have a problem with Loki except that she is extra-loving meaning she wants to be with me all the time. We are working on this and she has really taken to my mom (and the rest of my family) and will let a few select people handle her with no problems. She is nearing 3 years old so I guess her teenage spell should be coming but this will happen to any bird so I can't blame it on the species.

    We also have 2 budgies at home and she does not do anything to them in terms of defensive or aggressive. In fact, she is more afraid and cautious of them and will fly away if they get too close to her! I did bring in another parrot last year to our house and it was disastrous; she was so stressed and began doing some strange behaviours. Her life was so turned upside down by this that I have since rehomed that bird and would really think twice about getting a second parrot because she is so sensitive.

    I would not compare them to amazons at all though. I find amazons are much more unpredictable and go through quite a severe hormonal phase. Also, in terms of health problems,the amazons are more susceptible to things like obesity. Physically the HHs are very agile; Loki is flighted and can get from the basement to the upstairs and fly to every room on the main floor. She is incredible to watch.

    I have heard they don't make good "first" parrots but I think I am living proof that it can be done. I did as much research as I could with the minute amount of information there is out there and talked to her breeders about anything else. As long as you are capable of being firm and train them properly, they don't have too many species specific requirements and they make wonderful companions. This goes for most birds.

    If you have any particular questions, just ask! I love to brag about my little girl. She really is my pride and joy and I think for the right people, a HH would make a wonderful addition.

    See videos of Loki and the boys here!

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