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Thread: Biting problem again.....

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    Biting problem again.....


    Our boy is now about a year and a half old, and we've come really far with him, I'm pleased to say.

    Whilst he still is too nervous to fly out of his cage, if we hold a newspaper up to the door he'll happily step on and then trot around the floor and crawl up our bodies and investigate everthing. And he'll then give us a loud chirp when he wants to go back in and we use his newspaper elevator again. We always leave the doors open in his cage when we're in the room (never when we're not) and we've put some wooden sticks on the outside of his cage and he climbs out and chomps on them for hours and hours.

    So he seems happy and socialised and extremely confident. He also seems fond of us. Only cloud on the horizon is that we literally cannot put our fingers anywhere near him! You can't put your hand into the cage at all. He'll only tolerate me sticking my hand in to change the water and the paper, and then I'm super-slow and keep the hell away from him. Even then he's watching my eyes like a hawk.

    It's annoying when he's climbing on our bodies, as if our hands are right there then he starts biting them. We actually have to hide our hands in our clothes! And if we hold our hands up flat to lift him up to his cage, he won't step on them but instead bites them like crazy. Hence the newspaper! Needless to explain, we have never exhibited any knowingly agressive behaviour with our hands. We've always approached him slowly.

    My husband is convinced it's because of all the bite-y toys that we have supplied. I'm not sure, and it's not an option to take his toys away. What else is he gonna play with? He's always going to have to use his beak for play anyway - it's not as if he has arms.

    He's not hormonal by the way, though he is moulting. I'm not sure if there's anything we can do realistically, but I thought I'd ask because my poor hands are very soft and can't handle being bitten!

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    Re: Biting problem again.....

    My older budgie did that when she was first starting to trust us. It seemed like a way for her to test our hands, find out if they were evil and would try to bite back. We told her no and put her back in the cage if she kept it up and she eventually got the hint. She still isn't hand tame, won't step up, but she's not terrified of our hands. Every now and then she'll land beside my hand and nibble the skin on my knuckle or land on my thumb and try to play nintendo with me, or she'll land on my husband's arm and chew his knuckle skin. It's not painful like it was before she learned that biting hard would mean a time out, just soft and seems to be an affection thing.

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    Re: Biting problem again.....

    It may just take time and patience. Try offering him treats from your hand - millet often tames even the wildest budgies

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