Hi all,

Sorry for the long post.

Zazu is now almost fully recovered from psittacosis, and then a yeast infection, so finally I have had time to read and enjoy all the posts on tailfeathers and learn from everyone here.

I work full time and am away from home most of the day, so I try to spend half an hour with Zazu in the morning having a cuddle and a scratch, and then as long as he will let me at night before he gets tired.

This week he has been really grumpy and I am trying not to take it personally

This week, as soon as i get him out of his cage, he flies to my bedroom and sits next to my mirror. Why isnt my company enough for him on certain days - what is so special about the mirror? He then makes a sound which is similar to an alarm - normally he does this sometimes when he is trying to get me attention also but i try to ignore it so as to not encourage it. He is even getting really angry at me for coming to get him.

He is friendly and tame, talks and everything, but has never been the kind of bird who is excited to see me or flies to me to be with me like your tiels do.

Zazu is my best friend but i have been reading some of these posts and it seems that he is a lot moodier and less attached to me as many of your tiels and i was just hoping that the reason for this is just that birds can be moody sometimes too, and not because i work full time.

Any thoughts?