They have been together for a week. I have owned my male since I was a little girl, and recently aquired Sugar.

At first, Cinny (my male), tried to court her and she shied away. Now he just pecks at her (not hard), just annoyed. Like if Im talking to her he'll come over and try to bother her, squeaking and striking his beak out towards her but he doesnt get nasty. Its probably jealousy. Now he just wants to incite her than play nice (but he never gets nasty to the point of hurting her, mainly, "get off my perch..." type of banter). I know it might be to early for bonding since I have read that it could take months and sometimes the two tiels never mate/bond. So its a chance Im taking. Hey, if they dont breed, thats Okay.

Today, Sugar took a very long bath (which was extremely cute, she was flicking water on me while bathing), and now is sleeping in her food dish (Like sitting on eggs position). My mother said she did it for the past two days. Im just wondering if thats normal for her.

I tried finding a breeding box to put in there (since later on I do want to try to breed) and the petstore said, "We sold our last one this morning." O.O' "Your kidding." "Nope." UGH. XP I have extensively read breeding behavior, nutrition, and material cost. Im just wondering whats the relationship between my tiels. I just cant say, "How are you two getting along?"

They are on seperate perches during the day but sometimes at night he'll let her sleep next to him. Now she has taken to sleeping in her food dish.... Maybe she has tender feet? I do have some props in there that rests their feet so they dont get sore.

What do you think? Behavior wise?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.