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Thread: Sick budgie... what to do?

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    Sick budgie... what to do?

    I took my budgie to the vet this morning after he had been vomitting He sort of coughs and throws his head back and chucks out regurgitated seed.

    I'm really worried about him. The vet gave him an antibiotic injection but it doesn't seem to have helped. He's just sitting all puffed up not saying anything or doing anything. He's still being sick I put the medicine in his water like the vet said, but he hasn't drunk anything since we got back.

    It looked like the little fella was trying to get some shut eye- putting his head under his wing. It's pretty noisy in here so I've moved him into my flatmate's room and covered him with a light blanket to keep him warm.

    What else can I do for him?? I'm really scared.

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    oh... :(

    I`m sorry to hear that
    Only thing I know is that now is VERY important to give him/her veggies and fruits because now he/she needs a lot of vitamins..

    I hope taht your bird will get better...

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    Sick budgie... what to do?

    Hi Sarnie. I just wrote you a nice long message and then lost it during the sending. Darn, it was a good one too! Will try to rewrite it again later, but in the meantime, I would like to direct you to look at the following two recent threads in the Budgie Dangers and Health forum. I would recommend that you find a good avian vet in your area to take your bird to, keep him warm, as you have been doing, and encourage him to eat. I woudl also highly recommend that you try to give him oral meds, instead of meds in the water. you can read all about that in these two threads below. I can't seem to copy them as a link, but you can easily find them in the forum.

    My Budgie is ill..no experience with this..Please help! ( 1 2 ) , started by Joe03

    HELLO, HELLO JOE3 , started by Justine7

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    Re: Sick budgie... what to do?

    Hey Thanks so much for your help I'm going frantic here!! Unfortunately I'm UK and nowhere near an avian vet, but I have to say I was very impressed with the regular vet me and Chicken (the patient) saw this AM. She examined him thoroughly and seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

    I kept him in the other room where it is quieter and darker til my roomate got back. Now I have him sitting with me so I can keep an eye on him, but the light levels are low and it's right by the heater. I've seen him eat a little, which I imaging to be a good sign, but not seenhim drink any of the medicated water (although I suppose he must be doing that when I'm not looking.

    He's still very puffed up and silent. He has his head burried between his shoulder blades (doesn't normally sleep like that). But I haven't seen him vomit again.

    How should I keep him warm? Id love to get him out and have him cuddle on me (lol) but he's only a baby and not properly tame yet. Is it best to cover him at night? If so what with? I'm worried anything heavy enough to keep him warm will stop air getting in.

    Thanks for your help, really appreciate it, I'll go find those threads now

    x sarn (and chicken)

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    Re: Sick budgie... what to do?

    Hi Sarnie: so sorry to hear about your little one being sick. Did you read all the information about the antibiotics being put straight into the birds mouth instead of in the drinking water? (with a syringe) The problem with meds being in the water is that you can not guarantee he will drink them and you have no way of knowing how much he is actually ingesting. Since every moment during illness counts, I would so encourage you to call and ask the vet about this option. As for the keeping warm question, one of the things that is recommended is an electric heating pad. You can put it (attach with safety pins) on one side of the cage so that the bird has the choice to move to the other side if he gets too hot and also don't set it on 'high'. The other is a heat lamp. Warmth is monumentally important at this time and very, very helpful in their healing process. Puffed up feathers also indicates their body temperature being too low and shows them trying to keep themselves warm. The warmth is important all through the day, not only at night. And yes, covering the cage at night as well is a good idea - you can put the covers straight over the heating pad. Don't worry about suffocating him, you really won't -birds are not like humans and the air that is in the cage will be plenty for him to breath. Rest is also so very important in helping their little bodies replenish and gives them a much better chance of healing. And on the 'emotional' side of things the calmer and happier you can be around your little one the better.... because they are very receptive to emotions and are influenced by how we feel, for sure! If you are really stressed or worried in a particular moment (not that you wouldn't be most or all the time!) try and avoid handling or going too near him until you are feeling a little more relaxed. And lastly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE..... it goes a long, long way!! Best of luck and please keep us posted!

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    Re: Sick budgie... what to do?

    Thankyou SO much for replying!!!

    Yes I read the threads about administering the meds to his mouth... I think tomorrow I will try the trick of soaking some dry food in the water and seeing if he'll take it. The problem is, he's nowhere near tame yet.. I don't want to freak him out and cause him extra stress by attempting to hand feed him

    Any advise on what type of dry food would work? I'm thinking some sort of plain cereal flake-- but this could be lethal for all I know eggshells everywhere!!!!!

    Also I'm reluctant to inject the meds straight into his mouth. Infact I'm NO way doing that until I speak to the vet! She did say it was quite a high dose, exactly because of the reasons you mentioned; that there's no way of knowing how much water he will drink. I put 1/2 ml into his regular water hopper.

    As for the warmth... Its the early hours here so no way of getting a heat pad right now. I've covered the cage with quite a heavy blanket and put it right next to the heater. That will come on early in the AM and he can chose which side of the cage to sit on.

    Emotionally, if he makes it thru this, I think it will make us closer. His cage is usually up real high in the room, but I've brought him down today so I can keep an eye on him. I've been talking to him in a soothing voice all night and he doesn't seem freaked out that I'm so close.

    Weirdly, he seems to be in a real pissy mood with his toys. I put his mirror back in the cage as he loves it so much (I had taken it out a few weeks ago because he spent so much time talking to the 'other' budgie and I wanted to start on taming him). Well a few times he's screeched at it and pecked out at it really violently! But hey... at least that's a sign of life .. phew.

    If he's still puffed up in the morning I'm gonna sneak leaving the heating on all day (roomates out - can't do that while they're here- bills).

    And I think that's it... Sorry for the long posts I'm just really stressed about this and want to make sure I'm doing all the right things. He's such a nutter normally, really chirpy and happy... I just want him to be ok.

    Thanks for all the help... xxx sarn & Chicken

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