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Thread: Bad habits?

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    Bad habits?

    Hello all. Several months ago I got two budgies. Rory and Hilda. Rory was a very gentle extremely hand tamed bird even at his young age. Hilda, on the other hand, well, she, wasn't. She steps up but does NOT like me touching her in any other way. She'll nip but not hard at all.

    Recently, Rory has seems to pick up some of her personality. He wasn't a nippy bird at all but now he actually is somewhat agressive. He'll bite and hard. Never has drawn blood but he doesn't like having anything to do with me now. He flies away, doesn't like perching on my finger, and any finger getting close to him he is ready to bite. What's the story on this? Learn behavior from Hilda? Stress? Did I do something wrong?

    I ask because I came into possession of another budgie. His name is Dino. He is the tiniest, cutest, little thing. He has never even attempted to bite, perches on my finger nicely but sometimes will want to get back to the flock, and eats out of my hand. I'm afraid he'll "turn" on me like Rory if he "hangs out" with them. I know, I sound like a parent don't I? HAHA But any thoughts?


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    Re: Bad habits?

    It is harder to keep the bond and trust of a bird when you introduce others, as they will naturally tend to want to be with their flock. It will just take a bit more work and some patience on your part, but don't give up - you haven't lost them. Just keep it up with them and they may come around.

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    Re: Bad habits?

    There is nothing you did wrong. They got the flock mentality and would rather deal with themselves than you, unfortunately.

    Many of my parakeets came to me tame from their previous owners, but lost a sense of that when they got moved into the huge flock that I have. Some of them will be perfect like the tame bird that they were once I take them out of mind and sight from their friends. LOL
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