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Thread: Finding someone to build an aviary???

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    Finding someone to build an aviary???

    I've looked in my phone book, and googled online, but cannot find anybody in town that could build an aviary for me - not one that advertises it anyway. There is a wild bird store that I am going to call tomorrow to see if there is anybody they recommend and I could also call some of the LPS's to see what they have to say, but beyond that is there anything I could do??

    BTW, I think I've only mentioned it as a passing thought, but we are moving in 3-4wks. The new place doesn't have a nifty little porch like this place that I could convert, and the only screened in area is too close to my bedroom (yk, birds are loud in the morn and hubby hates the noise - mostly Bix's happy good-morning screeches). So, I need to get something moving soon. We close on Thursday, but have things that need to be done before we actually move in, so it's not a huge rush

    I could use any suggestions and advice.

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    Re: Finding someone to build an aviary???

    Hmmm, I am not sure of how it would work over there but try calling just a normal builder. Normaly they are happy to do a smaller job like that. Talk to the local councel too to make sure you can do it with out a permit or any thing like that.
    As I said i am not sure how it works over there for you guys but over here it is pretty easy to get one set up in a few days.

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    Re: Finding someone to build an aviary???

    Yep, my boyfriend does light construction and things and I know if someone commissioned him to build an aviary, he would do it- heck, he built me a small indoor one!

    Just make sure that the person you get to do it either knows the requirements for wood and metal for birds, or you tell them exactly what materials to use.
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