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Thread: Cosmo got clipped

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    Cosmo got clipped

    So, we had our club meeting Wedn night (pics will hopefully be posted tonight) and I had Cosmo’s wings clipped.

    It was an emotional decision for me. I LIKE her being able to fly. I LIKE her having her independence and confidence. But, she was just becoming very obnoxious. Very nippy, to the point where she actually grabbed my lip and broke skin. A first for her. Also, just generally very pesky, to the point of getting herself into unsafe situations. Flying (and sometimes landing) way too close (for my comfort) to the stove (sometimes it’s on)! Getting into Kaylaur’s face… she really needed micro managing with her flight feathers in, which found her caged more and more often.

    I HATE to see her caged when I am home. That was my biggest issue. Obnoxiousness I can deal with. Potentially unsafe situations, I can’t. So, I had her clipped.

    She was not happy. She SCREAMED at the meeting after the clipping. I had it done at the start, so when it actually started, and our president started to speak, I had to hold my hand over my ear to try and hear her because Cosmo was on my shoulder SCREAMING in my ear. And constant screaming. I was kinda embarrassed almost. I mean, the room was full of birds, but mine was the loudest by far! I guess I may have had a biased opinion though, since she was right by my ear… but Gary (hubby) too admitted she was probably the loudest one there that night. Until Mactavish started, God bless his soul… he may have been louder than Cosmo. But he’s a moluccan ‘too for goodness sakes, so he SHOULD be louder than Cosmo! LOL

    She’s settled down, and seems ok with the clipping, but I watch her try to fly up to me (like she used to) and get up a few inches, then crash back down. L L L I feel so bad for her.

    Anyhoo, Mary Jo had mentioned a harness that she has for her ‘teil that she just loves. It’s called the Aviator. A very light weight harness. And, she happened to bring Elvis, in his harness, to the meeting. Very cool! He flew around on the harness, and it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

    I ordered an Aviator on line last night. I can’t wait to get it!

    I think I’ll be able to get it on Cosmo without too much trouble, because she is pretty good about letting me “man-handle” her. LOL

    I hope I hope I hope that she will accept it. If she does… she will never be clipped again. If, on the other hand, I am unable to get her to accept it, she will live the life of a clipped bird. Time will tell… (fingers crossed!)
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    Re: Cosmo got clipped

    Mary, I completely understand your concerns with having her flighted and in your situation, clipping was the best option. If she was getting nippy, she was trying to test you since she had what some people call "too much freedom." But I don't mean that like they shouldn't fly- you all should know I am pro-full flighted birds. I mean that sometimes they start getting an attitude and sometimes they need to be clipped. We did it with Dweezel and he improved 100%!

    That screaming he did in your ear after the clip is pretty normal. Do you watch the show "The Dog Whisperer?" He talks about the dominance struggle and the fact that a dog will have a huge protest before submitting to the fact that there is a new pack leader. I find this to be true in birds as well, and that screaming that Cosmo did was his protest. The fact that you just let him do it is great. He got it out and he didn't get any attention for it and so he should be so much better now. I know it is hard to see them try to fly and then fall to the ground, but he should be able to glide safely, right? After he gets used to the distance he can fly, he will want you to pick him up and physically move him more and he will have to respect you more and stop nipping. I'm sure it will be just fine!
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