I opened my fridge today. I looked at the foods. One small piece of cheese. A carton of milk, almost empty. Some greens for Bella and I, and a few carrots. Sprouts for Bella. A 2 lb bag of seed mix, a 4 lb bag of oat groats, and 1 lb bag of flax seed. Some sunflower seeds that are now mine because Bella won't eat the fatty seeds and I don't like wasting them. A large bag of Zupreem Fruitblend and some Zupreem Avian Entrees. Some millet seed that was leftover.
I came to three conclusions.
  1. I need to go food shopping
  2. I have an insane amount of food for such a small bird
  3. Bella's food takes up way more space in the fridge than mine

Her diet is better than mine. It's terribly sad. Not because she doesn't deserve a good diet, but because researching her diet has taught me how to better my diet. I just haven't bothered. I keep reminding myself that when I keel over from clogged arteries she'll be one sad, sad little bird. After all - who will scratch her, cuddle her, and call her 'Princess Bellaboo Chicken-Legs'.

Bella decided she was tired of waddling after me. She sat down in the middle of the carpet and chirped for me to pick her up. She can fly back to her cage but she wanted to be carried. Naturally I obliged. Because that's what I do.

Bella has learned to fly. She flies to places she wants to get to if I don't answer her demands to be carried in a timely enough fashion. She sits on the CD player speakers and grooms herself. Cockatiel dust and keratin sheath remains coat it so that the once black speakers look like black with white polka dots.

No matter how many times I vacuum and sweep the sills and tables there are always pellets and dander everywhere. Bella's newest trick is to sweep her head from side to side sending an entire dish of pellets flying everywhere. I don't mind the mess, and it's funny to watch her (probably why the silly ham won't stop doing it). But the stupid carpet eats the pellets up so no matter how many times you vacuum it's only hours later that you find yourself crunching dropped pellets left there from before.

Then I got a call because a package had arrived. It had new toys that were given to her, compliments of my boyfriend. I opened the package and squealed in excitement when I saw the toys. Bella now thinks I'm crazy. She doesn't know that my wish-list has thirty items or so, and they're all really items for her. Bella was more interested in chewing the buttons of my shirt. I don't care about clothing though. Hey, she may not know it but her being happy makes me happy, too!