I am so angry at the moment. About four months ago I got in a fairly bad car accident where the other person ran a red and hit me. That totalled off my beautiful CRV and then a month later I get a pretty little black Nissan... wellllll this morning when I was rushing out the door to one of my finals I notice my mirror was broken off... At first I thought it wasn't too bad but then soon realized my door, bumper and front side panel had a HUGE gash in it... and the side panel was dented severely. SO MY BRAND NEW CAR has over 1000 dollars worth of damage. I am soooo upset. Ive only had this car for 2 months!!!!!!!!! At least I can still drive my Nissan. But seeing that it was a hit and run I am going to be stuck with the repair costs. (the Nissan is a 2000 model so not brand new)

Sorry for my rant. I am just so depressed about the whole thing.