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Thread: George Foreman killed my budgie

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    George Foreman killed my budgie

    This is a warning if you have a George Foreman grill, be very careful to seperate your birds so they are not exposed to the fumes.Use it outside if possible.I had a budgie die recently 6 hours after using this grill. The grill was under the exhaust hood ,fan on high, kitchen window open.The bird was in the adjoining living room.He began acting sluggish almost immediately ,developed runny poops died by morning.
    This was the first time we used this grill since we had the budgie.

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    Re: George Foreman killed my budgie

    It's called Teflon coating.

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    Re: George Foreman killed my budgie

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss, that is really, really sad. It's so painful when we learn about these things 'too late'... love and sympathy to you!! It's not an easy one.

    I have and use a George Foreman grill.... and have done so with Zachary in the vicinity. Naturally, I'll stop.

    SG, I remember you saying when I was freaking about my teflon pots that poisoning is an "instant" thing and damage doesn't build up over time....I know what you mean, but the fact that he has been around the fumes and stuff (yeah, thank god they didn't instantly wipe him out) don't you think it could have done something?

    I'm wondering if this has anything to do with his illness, I will ask the vet... but my wheels are turning after reading this post..... Thanks!!

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    Re: George Foreman killed my budgie

    I think it's because the grill that we used was fairly new. Those things get really hot "smokin" . It was a still nite we could see the smoke hanging in the house.Even with the windows open and the patio door. I feel so bad I was naive
    I had a for years before,in a room past the kitchen and no problems.I just keep my from any type of fumes from anything now,cigarettes(I'm a smoker),scented candles,incense,disenfectant spray,air fresheners,everything.I fell like I'm being a little 8o ,but Ifigure better safe than sorry. Angel was a sweet budgie very lovie.I will miss him.We have a new "Chi Chi",and a new :silvertiel "Chopper" both are coming along nicely.But Istill feel bad about" Angelo"

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    Re: George Foreman killed my budgie

    Sad topic.

    Justine, I thought again about what you and I said in the past, and from what I understand, it takes so little of the gas emitted when Teflon is (overheated) to kill a bird that I think it's an either/or scenario.

    It's conceivable that a miniscule amount could cause non-fatal damage to bird's lungs, but apparently it's not the lung damage that proves fatal to the bird. It's more that other systems in its body simply can't cope with the toxin, and shut down. (Liver, kidneys ... it's a nasty death).

    Kytrner, what a painful lesson. I'm really sorry to hear of the loss of your bird. But it's great to hear the new little ones are coming along so well.

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    Re: George Foreman killed my budgie

    Hi Kytrner: Are you saying that this happened because the grill was new? Or because it overheated? Do you think "normal" use of a GF grill would still emit these fumes? Again, so sorry to hear about Angelo but really uplifting to learn of Chi-Chi and Chopper I am sure they will bring much joy... and I don't know that we can ever really be too careful when it comes to protecting and keeping our precious little ones safe! Just as long as we don't let 'worry' get the better of us.

    Yeah, thanks SG... that's kinda what I had thought myself. I did ask the vet today and she said it is possible for 'damage' to actually be created without it killing them, but much more common is that their entire little systems shut down in exactly the way you described. Horrible image, eh?? But none of Zachary's illness is related to teflon poisoning. I actually didn't "freak" when I read that post last night, good eh??

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