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Thread: Question about the rules....

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    Question about the rules....

    So I definitely stayed up too late last night and now can't find the forum rules. I'm trying to see if I'm allowed to ask if anyone is interested in another site that gives out giftcards for points (works and is actually EASY) but I couldn't find the rules.

    I'm pretty sure I cannot post a link but can I ask if anyone is interested? Where are the rules at? I found the user guide section but that was it.

    Well, I'm off to get some caffine (sp?), pretty much just found out Midol has like 50mg per pill and I've been taking them all week like candy. Now I'm tired, cranky, headache, and need a diet coke!
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    Re: Question about the rules....

    I dont think you can ask. But here is the link to the rules.


    Also if in doubt ask Dan or any Mod
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