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Thread: My "Sweetie Pie" passed away today

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    My "Sweetie Pie" passed away today

    Sweetie Pie is my female budgie 5 years old. I have only had her for 2 months. She was given to me by my cousin's friend's neighbor. I didn't have any history on the birds because the previous owner went into a nursing home. She also has a mate: Lemonmeringue he is 10 years old. She has been healthy until a week ago when I noticed her sleeping alot, not active flying around or playing with her toys on the bottom of the cage. She use to love to play down there and shred up the gravel paper. They never had toys before. When I got them I filled their new cage with toys, snacks and everything healthy they need. I have been giving her "Ornacyn-Plus antibiotics" for 1 week. Today, made a week. It was a powdered mixture that I put spring water and refrigerated it. I couldn't tell if she was drinking the water, she was eating alot. Yesterday, I was happy because she came up from the bottom and sat up on her perch, then she went to the door and peaked out at the other birds and went back in. I thought she was finally getting better and I was happy about that. Then this afternoon, I see her mate looking down at the bottom of the cage and found her there. My heart- is broken. When I checked her bottom, she was loaded with diahrea poop, but when I was checking the bottom of the cage, it was a dark black, there was no diahrea. I started to clean her bottom and I noticed a few lumps and when I turned her over on her back. I noticed a bone that seemed to be sticking out of her chest. I am assuming she had cancer? I don't know how this could be? Her voice was "Squeaky" when she chirped for over a week. First, I thought it was a cold. Anyone have any answers. Now , my poor Lemon is crying for her. I covered the cage with a blanked and put him in with my 2 young parakeets and they are already starting to become territorial. I was telling him it will be okay. He whispered little sounds to be, it just broke my heart. It's so sad. He's so sad.

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    Re: My "Sweetie Pie" passed away today

    I'm very sorry to hear that your budgie passed away.

    I don't know whether or not those things mean cancer, sorry.
    "Questions open the door to knowledge."

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    Re: My "Sweetie Pie" passed away today

    Chrissy, I am so very sorry for your passing.

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