I have a near 2-year-old cockatiel named Boomer. This past Sunday I discovered at the bottom of the cage what appeared to be blood. We took a good look at him but apparently we didn't see anything. At first we thought it was him eating a berry and the resulting stool since there were a few in the seeds we gave him. So we thought nothing of it. And he was his fine, normal self, cheerfully talking and being active.

Fast forward to this Tuesday evening, I decided to take him out to spend some time with him when I discovered on the lower part of his back and to the right a scary bit of dried blood. It wasn't bleeding at the time I discovered it, but it definitely explained the blood I found Sunday morning. So me and my mom poured some hydrogen peroxide on the wound. A bit of the dried up blood washed away but it did not re-open the wound. He picked at the wound a couple times but stopped doing it, and ive checked several times thus far and he hasn't been going there. Right now he is in front of the hall mirror talking to his reflection, that being his normal self. Oh, and we removed a feeder that had a metal wire for a hanger which was sticking out. We suspect thats how he hurt himself.

I was wondering if I could get some advice. Should I keep pouring hydrogen peroxide?