Every so often during the spring I get brought wounded and orphaned baby animals of all sorts. This area I live in is well known for tall pines with frail old branches, rain and wind storms, as well as baby opossums that fall from great heights due to there are no low branches in some areas and little baby birds that fall out of the nest.

I have a younger sister who like most other sibling "wants to be just like older sis aka me." I tell her not to be me, I come with a lot of heart ache. I usually take in wounded/ abandon animals in a heart beat if hey are in great danger or need help due to injuries. This means owning up to vet costs, food and supplies, the passing of some animals and having to give them to the vets or release them if things get too tough.

She has learned a lesson today sadly. One I had to learn years ago. She had a baby starling she was caring for, everything was going fine for awhile. She woke today and heard "the dog scared the bird to death." She didnt hear anything though and the bird was in her room. If that is the case, then she has just learned that puppies and birdies do not mix. We warned her on this issue plenty of times. I feel bad for her, but this is sometimes the reward you get when you try to be me.

This end has a beginning though.

I wanted to update you all on that, to let you know this little bit. A neighbor had found a baby opossum down and apparently it was brought to me, yet again. I've cared for three, yet you learn something everyday. This one is a little girl and still nursing apparently, fully furred and small as a new born kitten. Her name is Stephany. It be changed due to my dad and half brother wanting to name her "Freebee" or " pausie" lol men.... I will caring for her and keeping her away from the birds. She is usually in my turtle neck collar due to it acting like a pouch.
When I got her she was in a state a shock and didnt eat for a dy, then took a strong liking to my french vanilla shake and was doing a little better, still a bit groggy. now after a healthy meal of imfamil baby milk watered down and warmed she is starting to be more herself. She tests nips at me, crawls and climbs. Se loves to curl up in the collar.
"Take her to the vet.." Is what I might hear from you, I am letting you this little bit. I am a great sister, a little too kind. My sister's bearded dragon was having siezures and not eating. We rushed her to the vet and paid $213.08 for the lizard. Saved it. So as of now, I do not have the cash, nor does my husband since he paid for the lizard to go, to even get food non the less go to the vet. We are hoping my sister will pay us back.