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Thread: ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

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    ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

    I have a breeding pair of budgies (rescues) that raised 6 clutches before i got them - the female was almost dead and was eggbound and calcium deficient. I got them through a rescue after the fact. It took me almost a year to get her health back up and for the first 6 months I had to keep her seperate from her mate because of all the attention she needed. They have been back together for 2 years now have bred and layed a clutch (wich I promptly replaced with fake eggs)
    She will never raise another clutch, but she is a persistant egg layer and even without a nest box she lays. In her food dish, on the floor of the cage whatever. It happens very infrequently now but still happens. When it does I get the 8in1 Pro Avilac Stress Formula and use that instead of her normal seeds, I actually hard boil her own eggs mash them up small (with the shell) and give them back to her so she gets the nutrition back and moniter her carefully (all of wich I would do - although Id use a chicken egg - if I were plaining on letting her actually keep the clutch)
    She is healthy now although she likely got a few years cut off her life from chronic laying rearing and the calcium deficiency. Neither of the birds are hand tame and they were owned by a couple who loved them, but didnt know that letting them breed could cause problems...they were cheap pets and when the vet costs came in the owners abandoned the birds. A woman I know runs a private small bird rescue - she deals with Teils and smaller (although she has taken in the odd quaker or conure) she usually leaves anything larger to the large rescues that are used to dealing with those animals. I volunteer my time with her wenever I can and have on quite a few occasions taken some babies that for whatever reason needed hand feeding. With 20 or or more birds at a time to care for and rehome it is difficult for her to manage handfeeding for half a dozen babys on top of it, so I take the surplus and dedicate as much time as I can to them. A pair of diamond doves with 2 offspring were her most recent abandoned birds. The older baby was healthy being fed and was guessed to be about 5 days older than the younger. The younger one was on deaths door when they came to her. I took the younges (only 2 days old) and started a feeding routine every 15 minutes from 5 am to 11 pm (I was on vacation at the time) until the baby opened its eyes at 6 days then it was every half hour. At 14 days Doves are supposed to be fledging, almost fullgrown and starting to eat on their own....My baby still didnt even have a pin feather in it at 14 days. I knew then he wasnt going to make it but I kept at it. At 22 days he finally passed away. Underdeveloped and with something seriously wrong with him. But he struggled SO hard to eat and move around. He was strong in spite of everything, just not strong enough. Necropsy proved his lungs were underdeveloped as were a few other organs. I was devistated. I see SO many unwanted budgies and tiels on a regular basis, I hate it when people breed before they know what they are getting themselves into. I come accross harsh yes but its the only way I know to get my point accross. Unless a lot of research has gone into it and the people are REALLY truely prepared there shouldnt be any breeding. I've seen so many babies die because people didnt know what they were doing - babies that could have grown up and lived long happy lives except for the ignorance of the people who owned them. I am harsh. I dont know how to be any other way when it comes to this topic. If I can convince even one unprepared person not to breed or make one prepared person take a second look at things and go into more detaled research before starting out it is worth it.
    One thing I do suggest when you breed - Let the PARENTS raise the young. Learn to handfeed from an established breeder BUT dont do it unless circumstances dictate you either have to or the babies will die. Parent raised babies with frequent handeling can be just as well adjusted and friendly as hand raised babies.

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    Unhappy Re: ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

    I am breeding my budgies. After reading this topic, I'm getting quite nervous I think I'm prepared, I've read many books and not to mention the ever-widening source of the internet, but I've always had this nagging fear in the back of my mind that I won't know what to do They already have a nest box in their cage and I've made sure of their age (so I know they are strong enough) their cage is the right size for breeding, I've got a great vet I've kept contact with and I've made arrangements with the families who will receive the babies once they are weaned. I know the families personally and I trust them deeply to care properly for the birds and not just abandon them. Also, I have a WONDERFUL bird care shop right down the street that is willing to help if I need it. I am home schooled and have the time needed to care for the birds. But I feel like public enemy # 1 among other bird owners who are completely against breeding unless you are into it professionally. I want to breed my budgies because I feel it would be a great experience and I want to keep 1 or 2 of the chicks. Still, I'm very nervous I'll be sure to read the info posted on this site...

    Any help or reassurance would be much appreciated.


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    Re: ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

    Are you prepared for whats ahead?
    Do you have money and time if the mother/father don't take responsibility?
    Are you prepared mentally?
    My thought is, if your asking someone, don't. You either know enough and KNOW that you can, or you don't. If your doubting it, then no. But then again...you don't have much control over what they do now do you?
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    Re: ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

    Breeding is not something you decide to do after you have bought a pet.

    1. Decide you want to breed.
    2. Choose a species
    3. Research the species.
    4. Get one as a pet, learn the pluses & negatives of the species first hand.
    5. Research breeding and hand feeding. If you make mistakes it will be the animal that suffers or dies.
    6. Research breeders of the species you have chosen.See in person the work,results,heartbreak.
    7. Go to bird shows and familiarize yourself with what the species should be.
    8.Find a good breeder that will mentor you.
    9. Get genetic testing & health testing done on the birds that are going to be bred.
    10.Save a lot of money for vet care,genetic testing,equipment,handfeeding formula,emergencies!
    Breeding is not something you should go into without knowledge and experience. There is no reason to breed your "pets".

    If you're going to do it, DO IT RIGHT
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    Re: ~~Before You Decide to Breed~~~~

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollie View Post
    My budgies are sitting on their first clutch right now, and after reading all this it's unlikely I'll let them breed again. How do you keep a pair from mating? If I take away their box and move their perches around, will that keep them from laying? If I do all that and they STILL lay, can I just remove the eggs?

    You could check this really good article in the Bird Information section of this site: Egg Laying & Possible Problems<---click
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