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Thread: Baby Budgie Question

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    Baby Budgie Question

    Last night another one of Midori's eggs hatched. This makes 4
    babies. My question comes from concern for the littlest one. He is
    about 5 days behind every other baby, and only about 1/4 their size.

    While he appears to have had a full crop every time I looked in
    yesterday, I'm concerned he will not get enough to eat, as his
    siblings are all much, much larger.

    The oldest of the other babies just opened his eyes, and two of them
    are starting to show feather growth.

    Should I be concerned? What can I do to help the littlest baby?



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    baby budgie


    I know it's hard but I wouldn't interfere until the little one starts growing feathers as he has the best chance of suvival with mum at the mo, I would provide extra egg food to help mum provide enough to go round. all the time he has a full crop he will be ok. The problem will be when the bigger ones are able to push their way to the front but this will be another couple of weeks yet.

    Hope this helps, hang on in there. If you need anymore help just ask

    Quaily x

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