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Thread: TWO EGGS HATCHED!! Had to help one.....

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    TWO EGGS HATCHED!! Had to help one.....

    ray Praise the lord

    My egg that I was talking about in my previous post is out of the egg finally. I had to help by taking tweezers to peel away the shell and through the membrane. The membrane was to tough for the baby to come through.... so good thing I helped it or it would've died. And as soon as I got home today, I checked up on it and it was doing great. I went away for about thirty minutes and came back to find that another hatched. Wow!, in thirty min. worth of time an egg hatched. I have to babies and yet she continues to sit on the other eggs(unlike last time!!!)

    Here are some pics!:

    1. www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1829


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    I hope my baby budgies dont get into the situation were i have to help them brake the membrane for them.2

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    Re: f

    good luck to your baby

    hope it survives

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