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Thread: 1 mail mating with two females?

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    1 mail mating with two females?

    Hi again, a budgie loving friend of mine, has 1 mail budgies and two females, the male bird appears to be bonded and mating (lots) with both females I've seen this for myself, she has two nesting boxex setup and each female seems to be settled in one each, I'm new to this but was of the understanding that this won't be succesful and am very worried for her budgies it it possible for one male to raise two clutches, she hates the idea of seperating any of them, but I'm sure there will be eggs on the way very soon, any feedback would be great

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    little chicken


    We have had the same problem just recently. What we chose to do was to take any eggs that the younger female laid and put them with the older more experienced female. We candled the eggs and any that were not fertile were removed as soon as we were sure that there was nothing in them. We now have a clutch of 5 and one hatched today and so far so good. We seperated the female, who we removed the eggs from, into a different cage and just let her and the male visit between the bars or with supervision so as the not let them mate again now that all her eggs are laid. We were afarid of what might happen to the male if he had to take care of both females and all the babies. So far everything is going great and all budgies are happy and healthy.

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    little chicken

    another thing

    Before we transferred the eggs from the younger female to the older we took out a few feathers from the older female (bottom of the cage) and rubbed them on the egg to get her scent on them. She took them in as her own.

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