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Thread: question re length of time between mating and egg laying

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    question re length of time between mating and egg laying

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and relatively new to budgies, I'm confused about the length of time between when the budgies are seen mating and when the female will start laying eggs, some things I've read have said 10-20 days others 8-10 weeks can anyone clarify this for me, thanks very much, this is a great forum I've learnt so much from here allready, I hope to put it all in to action soon. Bec.

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    Re: question re length of time between mating and egg laying

    8-10 weeks probably reffers to from when the two birds first start to show mating behaviour (feeding and preening each otehr and mating).
    A female bird is not always ready to lay eggs - when not in "breeding mode" their ovary actually shrinks to reduce the bird's weight (adaptation for flying), and is unable to produce an egg. A lot of hormones are needed to get the ovary going again, and these take time to work, so 8-10 weeks after the birds show interest in one another is about right for when to expect eggs.

    10 - 20 days (actually I have read 7 to 10 days) reffers to how long it takes for the egg to form after a successful mating - when the female is ready to lay and the male does everything right

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    thanks very much for your reply, that all makes much more sense to me

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    My budgies

    Iv'e got 9 budgies. 2 I'm trying 2 breed by cage breeding. I noticed they showed interest in eachother in early January while in the aviary. They were close friends 4 about 3 weeks then i saw him m8 with her when she waz in the nest box. Thats when i decided 2 build a cage 4 them. They have been in the cage 4 3 weeks or more. should i be expecting some eggs???? they have had sex a total of 7 times probrably more.& it's been around 2 months now. She has always been in the nest box since he & she showed interest in eachother which waz 2 months ago. Her rear has become large her poops r large & quite runny. I took her 2 a vet a few weeks ago & he said it felt like there waz an egg in there. but it waz a rip off cause i think he wasn't even qualified. I thought she could be egg bound but she has had a large rear 4 some time now eva since they 1st mated.
    sorry it's soooo long

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    Re: My budgies

    to Tailfeathers, & thank you for your question.

    I asked the very same question to my avian vet at the end of last year, because I was trying to work out whether or not my bird was cycling eggs and when to watch out for egg binding etc. He said that it takes approximately 3 weeks from ovulation until the egg will be ready to lay. If there is an egg present and it has been longer than this time, then your bird may start experiencing problems.

    I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any further questions.

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