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Thread: 1 male 2 females

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    little chicken

    1 male 2 females

    My question is this we have 1 male and 2 famale budgies. We saw the male mate with 1 of the females and we had fully expected her to lay eggs. However it was the other female who ended up laying. She has now laid 5 eggs and I thinks she is done. The fifth was laid today. (On a side note after candling so far we see a baby growing in egg number 3!!!! ) Mommy and daddy are doing wonderful and are modle parents!

    That being said here is the question.

    Female #2 has also laid an egg today! This is the female we expected would lay however we weren't under the inpression that she was ready to lay yet. Now what do we do?
    Do we keep transferring the male between cages to help assist the females? He is totally used to doing this as the females don't get along and he visits them in thier cages regularily. We would like to keep the babies from both moms if possible. We just need some ideas on the best way of going about it......

    Loving our badgies and babies!!
    Thanks in advance for the advise.....

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    Re: 1 male 2 females

    wow I think that daddy has his work cut out for him
    umm I'm at a loss as to what to tell you maybe get another older male so the next time each family has a daddy of it's own to help with the feeding because right now the male has to feed both females & the babies once there out of the box & that Is going to be a lot of work
    hopefully somone will come along & give you some idears
    good luck

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    Please get another budgie(male)

    that bird is going 2 get exhausted & will die. Next time please do get another male budgies since the male would be getting barely any food himself.

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    Re: Please get another budgie(male)

    r u saying that there is no chance 4 the male?

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