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Thread: Age for first shower?

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    Age for first shower?

    What age do you all think is a good age to start getting baby tiels use to showers? Baby one is 31 days old, flies, perches, etc etc I want them to get use to showers young so when do you think is a good age to start them with them?
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    Re: Age for first shower?

    Shana ...

    I am relatively new to the breeding thing - but I have waited until the babies are weaned before misting. My only reason for waiting until that stage, is to not startle them as they are learning to eat and care for themselves.

    After they are eating on their own and showing confidence by exploring their cage and outside their cage - I start the misting.

    None of them have appeared afraid of the misting and actually seem to enjoy it - so I'll keep with this routine.

    Look forward to seeing other folk's input on this.
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