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Thread: help please..the rest of eggs not hatched after 8 days

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    help please..the rest of eggs not hatched after 8 days

    The first baby was hatched on 1/8, but the rest of 4 eggs are still not hatched yet. It has been 8 days and I am worried.

    There are some grey areas on each egg, so I assume they are fertilized. Am I right here?

    Is it normal with the delay? What should I do with the eggs? I now sometimes clean the eggs with warm water, just in case the baby can't break out of the dirty egg shell. Please help...

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    Re: help please..the rest of eggs not hatched after 8 days

    Do you know when the hen laid the eggs? Maybe the first egg was laid well ahead of the others. I think I remember someone recently saying that their hen laid eggs 8 days apart. Is the hen still sitting on them?

    I know very little about breeding, but I wonder if it's not a good idea to wash the eggs. The chicks need to breathe through the porous shell, and I would imagine that for the few minutes or horus that they shell is wet, there is poor gas exchange through the egg shell. Or maybe that's something you're supposed to do. I dunno. Hopefully, someone else will have more advice for ya!

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    Re: help please..the rest of eggs not hatched after 8 days

    Thanks Duddles. The second egg was laid the second day. The other eggs were laid at most 2 days apart from the previous one. I didn't wash the egg untill 6 days after the first egg was hatched, and I dried the shell before I put it in. I thought the poop on the shell can make it harder to break, but I didn't think of the breathing problem.
    The mom is still sitting on them.

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    I think I'm at the same place u r...

    I have the same problem u do..well almost the same...1 out of 3 of my eggs hatched and the other 2 hasn't hatched yet..I had the date each egg wuz layed ...and it has been a week now since the first 1 hatched ..and I thought the other wuz to follow....but it turns out no more hatched...I wuz wondering wut happened...
    So I guess I'm in the same position u were...the mom is still warming them...I don't want to remove them now because the mom might get aggrevated if I touch the box....


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