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Thread: Question. Feeding really young baby birds

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    Question. Feeding really young baby birds

    Hi. My budgie keeps laying eggs and when they hatch she doesn't feed them and they die. With the last baby we took it out at one day and fed it by dropper some ground up oat cereal, but although the baby ate it it still died. There are some more eggs now and if one more hatches, we would like to hand rear it from a day old as we are sad when they die.

    What can we feed it on as we think oats are not good? I live in England so can any one tell us what to feed it on, and how to go about it please?


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    Re: Question. Feeding really young baby birds

    Once the mother has laid and hatched the eggs, what do you offer to her so she can feed the babies? She needs extra fruit and veg at this time, as well as some egg food or rearing formula as she can't raise the babies on seed.

    Hand raising from hatching is very difficult because you need to keep the baby warm and fed every 2 hours. Their small size doesn't help out.

    To hand raise successfully you should really visit a breeder or knowledgable person that has done it, you learn from them as they show you and help you out. They also form a fall back, should you find it too hard you can pass it over to them.

    As the mother doesn't feed the chicks, I would stop breeding her. Any babies that come from her that you manage to save will most likely do the same to their chicks.

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