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Thread: How soon?

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    How soon?

    My two budgies are very much in love lol.They Kiss, preen, and regurgitate their food to each other. About a week ago I put in a nest box, the female was exploring it the next day. She started to make a nest of her own so I put in some nesting material and she arranged it the way she wanted. The male will peek his head in the box and chew on the entrance hole.The male also has been chewing on her tail and courting her. He is 10 1/2 months old and has never been bred. Do you think they will mate soon? I know all those things are signs but I've yet to see them breed. Any info would be appreciated.


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    I think its best that you wait two more months for the male bird to mature (at least one year old)....10 1/2 months is not quite the right age for the bird to be breeding. But hey they're your birds...and this is just my suggestion and im sure others will agree. Don't worry two months wont make a difference in their breeding. If you keep them inside they should breed throughout winter. Oh and if your female bird is the same age or younger than the male I strongly reccomend you wait. Ah and one more thing, the part about them mating...you can tell by the color of their ceres (part above their beak), the female should have a dark brown crusty cere, if she is ready to breed. I hope this helped you out. Good luck

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    Re: hmm

    birds need to be at least 1 and a half years old before they can breed. Any younger it is extremely dangerous. there are many risks. It is great they bond. But be careful. a females beak should be brown and you should be able to tell and the male should have ablue cere and your should be able to tell. Your should be able to tell the sex by the cere quite clearly. And i have to disagree wityh dangt t wo months can make a diference a. that c0uld be time to tame and get ready. The average bird should actually be 2 years old before it can breed. Breeding is qite stressful, so i think you should reconsder this before you go any further. It could happen anytime soon. Be sure you have researched alot on breeding because it is exyremely tricky. Keeps us posted, andx if you need anyother help ask.


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