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Thread: Got any tips

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    Thanks for the advice i'll let him be and i'll let you know how I get on!:

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    Got any tips

    Hi my budgie has started to bite whenever I put my hand in the cage. He never ever used to bite and everytime I put my finger out he would hop on stright away. I could stroke him on his wings and belly but now he will have none of it! How can I get him out of this habbit and is this a normal thing to go from an angel to a blood thirsty monster!!??
    p.s He is having his first moult at the moment loosing all his baby feathers could this be why he is so grumpy> Its like he hates me! Boo hoo!

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    Re: Got any tips

    Well... I know 'tiels can get grumpy (haven't had a budgie or 'keet in ages!) when they're moulting. They're itchy and irritable because of the itching, plus I imagine it doesn't make them feel very secure knowing they're losing feathers and being prey animals, that must be hard on them!

    Maybe you should just let him be for now and only put your hands into the cage on a daily basis to change water, food, move toys, etc. Y'know, so he doesn't lose his familiarity with your presence and your hands. ping

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