my budgie started laying eggs about a year ago. she laid 3 clutches:

first clutch, she laid 5 eggs, the eggs were infertile, and i removed them after about 23 days (this is common among most kinds of birds that first clutch is infertile)

second clutch, she laid 5 eggs, and i was out of town one weekend, but the person that's supposed to feed the birds forgot, and when i came back, the eggs were broken and thrown everywhere. i assumed it's because the birds got hungry or couldn't take care of the eggs or whatever.

third clutch, she laid 6 eggs, 3 of them hatched and 3 were yet to hatch. i'm in love with them, so i open the nesting box quite regularly to look at them and take pictures.

yesterday, i was going to look at them, and noticed that the dad is inside the box. he has never gone in the nesting box before!!! i opened the box and to my horror, the mom was KILLING THE BABIES!!!! all 3 babies were injured very badly and on the verge of death. they died an hour later

i took out the dead babies and left the 3 eggs in there. i opened again this morning, and she had broken the eggs and stepped all over the babies inside them!!!

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED?!!!! i'm devastated!!! why did she do that??? why was the male in the box??? does it have anything to do with me opening the nesting box to check up on them??? why was she so vicious?!!

please help!

i posted some of the pictures online if you want to see what she looked like with their blood on her chest. she's the grey and he's the green. don't click the link if it's gonna disturb you. it sure does disturb me!!!

pictures of the two parents

i appreciate the replys!