That is very sad! I am so sorry.!!!*huggies*

Well this happens all the time. The mother got jealeous is probably the reason. Mother so that all the time. The father was protecting the babies. They probably had a fight, but it also could of been taking too many pictures, that has happd before. They were disturb to much the mother gets annoyed and says she has had enough, but its not your fault you didnt know. These are two cases.

Fropm the mothers descibed behaviour and after studying the pictures, it also looked like she was stressed, she kept sucking, in and it looks like peple have been negleting her or people have been bothering her to much. Also sometimes the mother just loses it. she completely gos ntzo and thinks that the babies were intruding in her territory. the parents could of had a fight too. The male ws trying to protect them, you may see feelings of him being depressed and stressed in a while. I belive you took too many pics....but dont worry all will be well again. Your birdy mummy needs some therepy though.As for mummy i would seperate them. You bird has laid to many clutches already and doing that can severely hurt your bird. she needs some time on her own, quarentine her, pay special attention to her for 2 weeks or so. Then you can change the cage you want the two to live in and try again... these are the best reasons that i would first suggest but if you have anything else to say, i will look into it further.I am so sorry about the incident unfortunatly it is so commen in birds. But its even more painful to witness it.

Pls dont hesetate to ask me some more, because i have more reasons into why this was happed, but i think by all the evidence allready this should be the case....iu am so sorry. Isaih 43 1!!!! *huggies*

ray 2 rest in peace babies of isaih....