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Thread: How is the nest organized?

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    Re: How is the nest organized?

    to tell u the truth... parakeets are'nt 2 picky about having a nest. Any ways, so all u need 2 worry is just a nesting box.
    no material needed.!

    u will not see a change on the fe-male. Not getting fat or anything like humans or other animals. have your parakeets bread? if they have, then wait 8 WEEKS TILL FIRST EGG


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    Re: How is the nest organized?

    you need a concave dip in the bottom of the nestbox, the female then lays her eggs in the dip (so they dont roll around the nestbox). No nesting materials - just the bare floor with a dip

    you can't know if the hen is about to lay, they usually lay within a week after successful mating, but it is hard to know if a mating has been successful! a pair might only mate once, or they may mate many times (all the time LOL).

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    How is the nest organized?

    When the female keet goes in the nest...how does she set the nst when she is getting ready to lay eggs?ping Another question is::
    How do you know if the female keet is pregent?????? ping

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