My male tiel is caged with his female companion Autumn.. my male is about 19-20 months old.. the female is younger, but im not sure exactly how young.. maybe a little over a year old.. they have been caged together for quite some time now.. i think a year in November.. i lose track of these things.. They did mate back during the spring, the female had 2 eggs, which she didnt seem to know what they were, and rolled them around the cage and cracked them, I did provide her with nest boxes.. she never had more than 2.. they have not tried to mate since then until now.. I have noticed my female to be a bit nippy towards the male,shes also been alot more talkative.. I have a talking female..which made me think she was a male for quite some time until she layed eggs ok so anyways.. they went from being 2 tame birds that adored me to hating me, and i have been working with them daily for the last 7 months at least..i can play with them through the cage, but they will not step up without biting me today I noticed my male Topper has ALOT of his neck feathers missing.. he looks plucked.. I was in shock, I have not noticed the female doing the plucking..but I dont watch them 24 hours a day, Any ideas on what could be causing Autumn to do this? since shes a year old..maybe shes more hormonal.. i thought the boys mostly went through the big hormonal thing..but what do females go through.. The were mating a few days ago.. and nesting.. I want to seperate them. and plan on doing this tomorrow..once i get the other cage situated...I definitely do not want anymore mating.. Autumn doesn't need that for sure!! I guess if the feathers grow back then she was doing it.. im pretty sure she is..just cant figure out why.. is he that annoying? maybe she wants to add feathers to her nest.. more comfy.. LOL He's not acting different in any way .. so i dont see an illness.. hes very loud and talkative and eats normally.. plays normally.. so i guess ill just see if the seperation does the trick for now!! If anyone has experienced this please let me know.. thanks!!