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Thread: Zebra finches

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    Zebra finches

    I had a mated pair of zebra finches. They hatched 3 eggs 10 days ago.They have raised 2 clutches before this one. This morning the female was dead in the nestbox. The male is feeding the babies, but he feeds them constantly. They are so full of seed, that I am afraid it will harm them in some way. Can he overfeed them?

    I also have a mated pair that hatched 3 eggs and when the babies came out of the nestbox, they fed them for several days, and then just stopped. The babies all starved to death before I could save them. The female that died also did this to the last ones that she hatched. I am confused as to why they would suddenly stop feeding them. They weren't stressed, & nothing had changed to cause it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Zebra finches

    babies are always hungry so dont worry that thye are being overfed. if the babies get abandon or the parents stop feeding then your best bet is to seperate them and maybe handfeed if they cant eat on their own
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