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Thread: (Oh my gosh)

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    (Oh my gosh)

    OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH its not fear i want to know if the eggs are fertilize but i cant check because when i open on top of the nest box but the female puffs up herself even more to cover the eggs so i can really see! i dont want to run her out the nest because she might not go back in there right?? i read lots of paragraphs about how to tell if the eggs are fertilize but you make it sound so easy|I and its really not
    I am very scared to do this because about 4 months ago she lay one egg and she was sitting on it for about 6 days then she left it and i found it on the floor so i dont want that to happend again see what i mean

    well keep on posting whom EVA:!
    Group hug MAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaA

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    Re: (Oh my gosh)

    Wow, sounds harsh...
    My bird did the same thing, she would fluff up to cover the eggs. After awhile she just came out while I checked the nest. Checking to see if an egg is fertile is definetly not easy! So it all depends on how bad you want to know if they are fertile. If you want to know really really bad, but you think it is risking the bird not wanting to sit on the nest. I would wait intill it's their due date to hatch, that way you will defenitly know if they were fertile.:haha And you won't scare her into abandoning her eggs. Or you could risk it and quietly take out the eggs. I hope I could help!
    Good Luck ping

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    My opinion

    Ok, sweetie only leaves her nest to either go to the bathroom or see pauly. Only for a minute or so at a time a few times a day. I normaly will check when she has left the nest. Last night I wanted to make sure all was ok with baby and the the one that was hatching so I used a perch to take her out. I have done this before and she is ok with it. She isn't always aggresive but will be if we try to touch in her box with her in there. She is a very protective mommy. Pauly also will go sit in and help with the eggs duiring the day off and on also. He is a great daddy and pretty much feeds her and the baby around the clock. I always checked the eggs about 4 days after laid. If you have waited 15-16 days I would just wait a few more days and they should befgin to hatch between day 17-21. Well goodluck.

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