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Thread: Fischer and Peach face Lovebirds have babies

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    Re: Fischer and Peach face Lovebirds have babies

    1 - You'd probably get more answers if you started a new thread - coz we're all nosey - especially in the lovebird forum
    2 - If they're the ones in your (albeit teeny pic) they look like peachies to me
    3 - If you can post pics of them - people can have a look and tell you. And if you start the title with BABY pics, you'll get even more (coz we all love ickle baby birds lol)
    4 - If you have hybirds, there are some good threads on it in the lovebird forum, as there have been a few in the past

    Welcome to the boards!

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: Fischer and Peach face Lovebirds have babies

    Hi, Sara, and welcome to the community. For the first time breeding, you and your pair have done great, to think you already have three hatchlings and one on the way. That is awesome!! Congrats!!!

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