Hi everybody! I'm new here and just wanted to tell everyone that I bought a budgie three weeks ago and she's doing fine. I've never had a bird before. She's less than three months old and when I took her to the vet she weighed 24g. She was hand raised for a bit and when I got her home she hopped up on my finger first try. I don't have a name for her yet.

Her cage is 21" high/17" wide/17" deep. She has toys and a ladder. Her wings were clipped before I bought her so she needs the ladder. I put pieces of banana, apple, lettice and carrots on the bottom of her cage sometimes but haven't witnessed her eating any of it yet (I think there were some beak marks on the lettice the other day though). She likes the fruitseed stick thingy I got her (really, really likes it!) I tried putting a millet spray thing in there but she's just afraid of it for now.

One thing that's kinda wierd though. I'm not sure if she likes it or hates it, but whenever she hears water she starts making noise. Usually she's quiet as can be, but when she hears rain or the sink faucet or even me peeing in the toilet she starts chirping and ack acking.

Anyway, I enjoy reading these boards and looking at pictures etc. I'm taking pics of 'the bird' and hope to post them in the future. Thanks.