Hi, I am a bird owner by default. 8 1/2 years old my daughter purchased two Fischer's lovebirds, Gizmo and Gadget. She is now away at university and the birds are still at home. Three days ago I found Gizmo dead. He had some injuries to one eye, but I don't know if they occurred pre- or postmortem. They would occasionally get into fights and Gadget often bit him by the eye. One time she hit a small artery and there was blood sprayed on the wall behind their cage. I am concerned about what caused Gizmo's death. If it was environmental would they not both die? I think Gadget is the more fragile of the two as she has a malocclusion and I worry that she doesn't get enough to eat. Her lower beak grows up the side of her upper beak. I have tried trimming it, then read I shouldn't be doing that! On one side, her upper beak is thickened with vertical ridges or cracks. Her diet is terrible. They have never eaten anything except seeds. If I buy food with sunflower seeds and bits of fruits and vegetables they throw everything out of their dish and eat the seeds. They like millet, but if I offer them anything else they hang from the top corner of their cage and chatter and complain. The exception would be to offer them a piece of paper or a feather. Then they are beside themselves with excitement. Whoever gets the feather first struts around twirling it while the other tries to take it. Will Gadget have trouble adjusting to being alone after 8 1/2 years with Gizmo? She is the more shy of the two and doesn't like handling very much.