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Thread: New baby, i'm new at this.

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    New baby, i'm new at this.

    Just heard the first sounds of new baby few hours ago. I was wondering what the baby eats? I just wondering if the parents feed the young regular parkeet food (seeds) or if I have to put any special kind of food or antyhing?

    Is there any website or anything that covers the basics of parakeet baby care or anything like that? I've searched online, but yet to find anything good. meanwhile I'll browse these fourms and website and see what I can learn.

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    Re: New baby, i'm new at this.

    Did you research before breeding?
    I would give you a lecture but I'm not that good at them.

    From what I have heard, for the first day? they are still feeding off the egg nutrients. The parents should then feed them. If not then you must hand feed them.

    A good basic website is www.budgieplace.com

    I'm sure the other members will give you some more info.
    I'm still kinda new to this.
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    Re: New baby, i'm new at this.

    the parents feed the babies whatever the parents eat. I would put some pellets in there fresh fruits and veggies. mine really like the nutri barries and I feed them all the time with there seed mix. make sure the room that they are in is nice and warm and make sure there are no drafts.

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