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Thread: Combining Pairs of Cockatiels

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    Combining Pairs of Cockatiels

    OK - can't get an answer any where - guess I'll try here. I have a pair of cockatiels that have been together for years. I'm thinking of rescusing another pair. Can I put all of these birds together? I know that I will have to introduce slowly - but I would prefer to have only one cage. The cage I have is more than large enough for 4 birds.

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    Re: Combining Pairs of Cockatiels

    The new pair should be quarantined for a few months in separate cages in separate rooms. I HIGHLY recommend vet checkups for the rescued birds. I made the mistake of putting two "rescued" birds from a relative into the same cage right off. They all ended up with a feather issue that required a vet visit for two of the birds and costly medication for all of four of them.

    THEN try putting them in separate cages in the same room. At first introduce them outside of their cages. You don't know how they will react putting a "stranger" in their environment -- you may have to separate them quickly.

    They may get along well with each other right off, that would be great. Just keep an eye on them and make sure there is at least one bowl of food per bird and a couple of water containers. This will help reduce any dominance over one food supply.

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