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Thread: My fresh food trick

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    My fresh food trick

    I wanted to share with everyone how I got my birds to eat veggies, just to add to the pile of tricks we use.

    Lily and Snowflake both seemed to like trying new foods out of my hand, but if I just put food into the cage they wouldn't touch it. I put it on toys, in clips, in the food dish, and it just ended up ignored until it finally spoiled. And it's very tiring to hold food for 30 min. while budgies fight and pick at it.

    Soon after Lily moved into the cage with Snowflake, she took up a nightly habit of going to the bottom of the cage to eat poop. There was nothing I could do to stop her. So I had an idea. I took a small glass dipping saucer, grated some zucchini into it (they like green) and set it on the bottom of the cage.

    So Lily goes down to eat some poop later, sees the dish, and immediately explores it. A minute later, she's eating zucchini!!! Snowflake soon joined, and thus began our nightly feeding of veggies off the cage floor. She now eagerly awaits her helping of whatever we're cooking for dinner that night. And once she gets the dish clean, she likes to play in it.

    I wanted to share, because maybe this might help somebody else with a chronic poop-eater and veggie-avoider.
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    Re: My fresh food trick

    I have the same method! My two are now very open to whatever I put on their treat dish. I think maybe they feel safer being able to look down at it from up high and inspect it from above.

    You should try getting them some wheat grass from the grocery store one of these days. They'll love nibbling on the grass and if you mist it with water, they'll roll around and bathe in it.

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