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Thread: One of the craziest craigslist ads yet...

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    Re: One of the craziest craigslist ads yet...

    Quote Originally Posted by McDenny View Post
    See I have to politely disagree with that idea. Maybe it's just my experience, but I've had two separate cases where different species were housed together for years, then all of the sudden started fighting. Maybe hormones, who knows. The point is that you can't ever really be 100% sure. My GCC and my lovie were super bonded to eachother, and I would let them hang out in the same cage supervised, but one day months later they started fighting again for no apparent reason.
    That's my feeling, too. You can never be 100% sure.

    Heck, even bonded pairs of same-species parrots can turn on one another.

    I hope that the 'too and PFC find a good home!
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    Re: One of the craziest craigslist ads yet...

    he dyed one cockatoo blue and the other red! what the heck is wrong with him!?

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