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Thread: Could my baby budgie be sick?

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    Could my baby budgie be sick?

    i got a baby parakeet from the pet store a couple weeks ago and i am wondering if he might be sick.he stays fluffed up all the time,not just his head but his whole body.he spends most of his time on the bottom of the cage and sleeps all the time.almost like he has a hard time staying awake.he is eating and i assume drinking water although i have not actually seen him drink. i know he is young because the stripes on his head go all the way down to his cere. could he be sick,or is this just baby parakeet behavior?

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    Re: Could my baby budgie be sick?

    Hi and welcome to Tailfeathers!

    What you describe is not normal behavior for a baby budgie. It is the behavior of a sick bird. It is also possible that your budgie is very young, was sold before it was properly weaned, and does not know how eat and drink that well on its own. By now, a new budgie should have settled in, be eating and drinking well on its own, and be very active. Very sick budgies and very young budgies spend alot of time on cage floors because they don't have the strength or don't know how to perch. Sounds to me like he needs to get to an avian vet ASAP. Do not take him to your average cat and dog vet because they know little about birds.

    You can look for an avian vet in your area at www.abvp.com or www.aav.org.

    Hope your new baby gets better!

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