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Thread: Mean Budgie Noises?

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    Mean Budgie Noises?

    I have searched for budgie sounds on the computer, and came across "mean" noises and such. Well my budgie does a lot of chirping in the morning (when the tv is on) and a lot of times she will make a regular chirp, then about 10 seconds of the "mean" sound, then do some more regular chirps. My question is, is she really mad when she makes that noise, or does she just get confused when she makes all those noises? :haha

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    Re: Mean Budgie Noises?

    I think that the 'mean' budgie moises you describe are like a loud screeching. If your bird does it for a prolongued time, I bet you wonder how your bird doesn't get a sore throat.

    I think it just means that they are playful, but perhaps in a bossy way. They chirp away happily, then make 'angry' noises, then chirp away again. Perhaps they are just telling off their toys & having fun.

    My bird does that ALL the time, every day. If I come home from work & haven't said hello to her after the first 5 minutes, she leans towards me & shouts away like a crazy budgie. I wish I could get her on video & post it to youall, as I have never seen a budgie to this day whi directs it so obviously towards their owner. She will even hang upside down at the bottom of her cage if I am sitting underneath and shout at me. I think it is mainly to do with an extremely bossy, attention seeking little budgie. That is why she bacame 'Madame Jo Jo'instead of Jo.

    All budgies make that sound. It is very normal, just their way of expressing themselves in play or for attention.

    does she just get confused when she makes all those noises?
    :haha Nah! She is having fun & perhaps demanding something from you, her toys, or her imaginary little budgoie play mate. That behaviour can be so funny!

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