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Thread: how long do budgies molt for?

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    how long do budgies molt for?

    I think one of my budgies has started molting. Does anyone know how long molting lasts? Also do all budgies molt at the same time or do they molt every 6 months after the day they are born?

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    Re: how long do budgies molt for?

    I think a budgie's regular moult occurs on a cycle that's attuned to the seasons, and that occurs once a year; it seems to be triggered by the length of the day. The first year of a bird's life, it will probably moult twice, once for its first moult, and once again for its regular moult, unless the two things occur at the same time (and overlap each other).

    The first moult is the lengthiest, and it can last several months. From that point on, the regular moult can take between 1 and 2 months, depending on the bird.

    Moulting is stressful on the bird in several ways. First, the bird is itchy and uncomfortable. If your bird will let you, try and give gentle scratches around the pin feathers. Secondly, it's hard on their bodies, and you'll need feed them foods that are geared towards moulting. Things high in calcium are definitely recommended (crushed boiled whole egg, with the shell, for example). Some pet stores even sell "moulting formula," and we've found this to work extremely well with our bird. However, keep an eye on beek and nail length when feeding the high calcium / protein diet! We found that our bird's beak and nails grow quite a bit more quickly when on that kind of diet, so overgrowth will need to be dealt with by a vet.

    Hope that helps!

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    RE:How long does a budgie moult for?

    Thanks for that!
    I now have another bird and so they preen eachother, so i don't have to wory about scratching him around the pin feathers because the other bird does it for him. I am going to get some molting formular for him soon.:yum

    :haha ping

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    re: moulting question

    This reminds me, when a bird is in the first moult, is it considered moulting if all they're losing is down feathers? I know Casper's about that age, and I've been seeing a bunch of those little puffy things on the floor, but no coverlets or flight feathers. is that normal?

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    Re: re: moulting question

    All birds lose those fluffy feathers...sometimes so much you want to scream lol. Its coinsidered moulting when they lose their actual feathers...someone correct me if I am wrong.

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