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Thread: budgie regurgitating

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    budgie regurgitating

    ping Hi everyone! I'm new and I have a couple questions. But first I have to say I've been reading everyone's posts for a few months now and finally decided to go out on a limb and register myself. I'm not too computer savy, so clue me in if I do something wrong! Okay, now for my questions.... I got a baby budgie from a breeder friend of mine the first day it came out of the nest box. It has been about a month and a half now and I'm wondering about something it has started doing recently. It (don't know if it is a boy or girl) is very affectionate with me and will preen me forever and let me scratch it's neck and give kisses etc. It also will regurgitate some seeds for me (awww, how sweet). So my question is, do both males and females exhibit this behavior? I've read that the males will do this as courting behavior. But the females do it when the feed their babies, right? So is this a sex-linked behavior or not? The other question is also about sexing a budgie....I've read all about the cere color for the adults. My bird's cere is mostly a creamy tan color around the nostrils (which also looks a creamy pinkish white sometimes) and fades into a blueish color towards the bottom. My bird is only a few months old...too young to know for sure what it is. But has anyone had a bird with this color of cere that has turned blue later? I'm just curious about if I've got a boy or a girl. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: budgie regurgitating

    Hi Jules.

    Yes, you are correct both males and females to regurgitate their foods. They will even do it when they are excited, i.e. seeing their reflection in a mirror and thinking it is another bird and trying to feed it too.

    As for sexing the bird, I will let someone else respond to this question, as I am not too verse in very young budgie's. I just know when they are older what sex they are.

    Thanks for your questions.

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    well jules

    if u REALLY want to know your budgies sex then i think u should go to your vet to get the "feather sexing treatment" all they do is take 1 feather its easy and MOST important its painLESS for the budgie
    and they take the feather and send it to a lab and you will get the results in the mail within 1 week!:b
    trust me it works i have 2 budgies i did that with them and harley=girl and Quinn=boy!! amazing huh!
    i was so glad they were the oppsite sex
    so thats the best thing i could come up with so i hope i helped you jules and good luck!
    Sincerly :bad Harley, Quinn and their owner Colino

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    thanks for the replies

    I guess it doesn't matter really if I've got a boy or a girl, I'm just curious mainly because I haven't come up with a name I like yet and I'd like to know what sex it is first! I am totally in love with this bird (and I think the feeling is mutual since it regurgitates for me almost every time I hold it) and it's personality is great regardless of which sex it is. I kinda hope it's a boy only because of the vocalizations...singing, talking etc. Has anyone had a girl that talks? I kinda think it is a girl because of the creamy pinkish tan color of the cere....there is only a little blue towards the bottom. Has anyone had a bird with this color cere that has turned blue as an adult?
    PS: I think I might do the feather thing with the vet to see for sure.

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    Re: thanks for the replies

    Does it look like this?

    In the picture it doesnt show but there's hints of blue in it. If its liek this then its probaly gonig to be a girl but then you never know. Your budgie sounds really cute.

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    jules did you know that females are equally talented at mimicing and talking ect. my budgies harley-girl and quinn-boy both talk. they sit there and talk to eachother all the time! quinn says"HEllo" and then harley says "i luv you" its soooooooooooooo cute

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    thanks guys

    budgie lover: my bird's cere is a little more beige (less white) on the top but similar towards the bottom with some blue. So you think that sounds like a girl? btw cute bird pic!
    spaz: I'm glad to hear someone has a female that talks! Of course I will still love my bird whether it talks or not...I just think they sound so cute when they talk! Any tips on getting a female (or a male for that matter) to talk?

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    yes you could take 10 mins a day to say the same phrase over and over for 10 mins a day

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