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Thread: Cockatiel feather dander and furnace issues?

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    Cockatiel feather dander and furnace issues?

    This morning when we got up, we had no heat in the house. We called our service guy, and he said our furnace filter was clogged with very, very fine white dust (looks like what we have been finding on the furniture and TV near where we keep Chrissy's cage).
    We have forced hot air.
    Could this be from her feather dust/dander ? We never had the problem before.
    It caused the fail-safe switch to fail -- the furnace was overheating.
    we have order a portable/room air purifier, but don't have it yet.
    I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem only after living with a bird for a few months.

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    Re: Cockatiel feather dander and furnace issues?

    My tiels have never messed up my furnance, at one house (one of the smallest i've lived in) I had 4 tiels 6 budgies,1 Quaker furnance was in the laundry room 2 rooms from the birds

    2nd house a lot more tiels, and budgies 4 love birds 4 quakers furnace was in the basement

    This house Had tiels,, love birds, 2 cockatoos for several months, and a bunch of budgies and Quakers furnace is in the laundry room straight across from the birds room but through the kitchen

    in this house it is in a "closet" type thing it has a door and walls, but has a register cut into the wall for the heat to come out

    Maybe the filters they're putting in aren't very good ones?

    I do have a Hepa Air Purifier Bought it about a month ago and it was the best thing I've spent my money on. That wasn't living

    I got home and put it in the birds room at 9 pm. by noon on the 3rd day I had to take it apart and use my hose attachment on the filter(it has non washable filters) to clean it, it looked like i had been using it for several months instead of 2 1/2 days the filter went from Coal black to pure white

    I vacuum it off every 3 days by the middle of the 2nd day it's turning white

    in that room alone I have over 20 budgies and 15 tiels

    I also bought 2 smaller ones one for my living room and one for my bedroom, both rooms have either Love birds or Quaker parrots in them.

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    Re: Cockatiel feather dander and furnace issues?

    I just love a house full of animals !!!!!!!!! I'm jealous!

    Cockatiels are like potatoe chips....it's hard to have just one!

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